Mera Kathryn Corlett for Louisville Metro Council District 18

As a proud candidate for Metro Council, I am deeply committed to serving our community and addressing the needs that matter most to Louisville families. I understand that Louisville families all share common aspirations: safe neighborhoods, reliable services with responsive government officials, and a sense of community and service to one another.

My dedication to our city’s well-being extends beyond my candidacy. Prior to entering the political arena, I worked with the Blue Apple Players, engaging with young people and their families across Louisville. Additionally, my recent role at Seven Counties Services allowed me to serve as a vital link between churches, businesses, and vulnerable individuals. My deep connections within the community fuel my passion for addressing critical issues, such as improved safety measures, access to quality and affordable childcare, and responsiveness to constituent needs.

Driven by faith and a commitment to coalition building, I am prepared to be a dynamic advocate for District 18. I envision a community where families can thrive and work together towards a better, safer future.

Mera Kathryn Corlett

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