Mera’s Plans for District 18

Building Strong Relationships2024-06-12T13:04:55-04:00
  • Hold quarterly meetings with city leaders and neighborhood association presidents to foster open communication and collaborative efforts.
  • Listen to and work directly with local leaders and residents, standing with you when challenges arise.
Empowering Our Community2024-06-12T13:05:10-04:00
  • Work full-time to enhance opportunities for the people, businesses, and schools of District 18.
  • Safeguard and enrich our community hubs like libraries and parks, which are important to families.
  • Collaborate with local organizations to host events that foster a spirit of civic participation.
Enhancing Safety and Infrastructure2024-06-12T13:32:40-04:00
  • Lead the charge for infrastructure upgrades and the improved safety of our city roads.
  • Work closely with local law enforcement, rule-class cities, and neighborhood associations to ensure security for all citizens.
  • Continue the work of improving handicap-accessible routes and intersections.
  • Advocate for planning and zoning that aligns with our vision of community growth and prosperity. 
Prioritizing Transparency and Sustainability2024-06-12T13:32:55-04:00
  • Boldly tackle the issues plaguing Louisville, driving solutions that address root causes and promote transparency.
  • Advocate for the enhancement and preservation of our vital first responder services.
  • Push to set benchmarks for implementing sustainable innovation to counteract climate disruption and the resulting social/economic changes. 
  • Improve air quality through enhancing our tree canopy and encouraging sustainable environmental practices.
Championing Education and Employment2024-06-12T13:33:13-04:00
  • Address the challenges faced by schools in order to better serve students and their families.
  • Work to increase the availability of affordable early childhood education centers and trade schools.
  • Meet with our city’s entrepreneurs and business leaders, positioning our district as a powerhouse of creativity and economic growth.

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