Mera’s Plans for District 18

Address Our Community’s Pressing Needs2020-02-09T01:37:34-05:00
  • Promote transparency in how our city’s resources are being allocated.
  • Advocate for maintaining and improving first responder services.
  • Strategize with local law enforcement and neighborhood associations to keep citizens safe.
  • Compile smart data tools and work directly with the Public Works Office to improve efficiency and keep consistent communication regarding work in the district.
  • Be a voice for equity and fairness on Metro Council. Louisville is known as the Compassionate City and that charge will be honored in every decision made.
  • And, most importantly, be ready to hear from you by offering multiple platforms for communication, increasing accessibility to your representative.
Develop Infrastructure for a Sustainable Future2020-02-09T01:36:24-05:00
  • Improve the quality of our air by enhancing our tree canopy.
  • Advocate for logical environmental changes that are sustainable and support citizens desiring to make choices less detrimental to our earth.
  • Expand the work started by former Councilmember John Ackerson by improving handicap-accessible walkways and intersections in the district.
  • Work with citizens in identifying a desirable location for a dog park in the district.
  • Partner with state representatives to improve roads and traffic in the district.
  • Nurture a holistic view of infrastructure in our community. Infrastructure includes institutions and programming central to our city such as libraries, schools, and parks.  “When social infrastructure is degraded and neglected, it makes it far more likely that we will grow isolated and be left to fend for ourselves.” ~Eric Klinenberg
Ensure a Quality Education2020-02-10T01:33:17-05:00
  • Shine a light on issues teachers face in and outside the classroom that hinder them in being able to meet students’ needs.
  • Explore support services offered within JCPS schools in partnership with Family Resources Coordinators.
  • Coordinate collaborative efforts with PTAs and local groups for events that teach civic engagement.
  • Bring more affordable early childhood education centers into our district.
  • Expand access to trade schools that can be a pipeline to good paying union jobs.
Engage and Grow Our Community2020-02-09T01:33:39-05:00
  • Make our district a destination for families by ensuring we have robust retail, education, and service offerings.
  • Work as an ambassador for the district when meeting with our city’s numerous entrepreneurs and start-ups. We can be a hub of innovation for our region.
  • Create a sense of community by hosting festivals, farmer’s markets, and other family-friendly events.
  • Adopt a “Storytelling” platform that allows all constituents – children, teenagers, adults, and our seniors – to ensure their voices are heard.
  • Arrange quarterly meetings with small city leaders and neighborhood association presidents to exchange ideas and coordinate efforts.